Trakoščan Castle and Varaždin


Hrvatsko Zagorje is one of the most beautiful landscapes of Croatia, stretching northwards of Zagreb, with its green hills and vineyards, small wooden houses and medieval castles. Enjoy a pleasant drive to the Trakošćan castle , situated on a small hill overlooking the large park and forest area with a lake. The castle was a residence of the Drašković noble family but today it is well preserved museum with a permanent exhibition.

Afterwards we will proceed to Varaždin, one of the oldest and the most beautiful Central European cities, famous to its charm and baroque architecture. It is also known as Little Vienna.

The city, whose rich history goes back to the 13th century, was home to the region’s wealthiest nobles, landowners, artisans and artists, especially in the late 1700s, when the city flourished and became the capital of Croatia.

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